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Sunset Country Family Health Team
Sunset Country Family Health Team


The Diabetes Management program is part of a multidisciplinary team approach with the client at the centre.  Treatment, education and day-to-day management lifestyle skills are provided for both the individual living with diabetes and their family support members, striving to improve quality of life.

Based on the latest research and Canadian Diabetes Recommendations and Guidelines, all types of diabetes across the lifetime spectrum (pediatric to geriatric) are provided with individual tools necessary to self-manage their chronic disease.

Some of the Services Offered:

  • Individualized education, targets and treatment involving a variety of aspects of diabetes including: nutrition, weight management, foot care, medications (including insulin starts), mental health, blood glucose monitoring, exercise, etc.
  • Referrals for preventative health care such as eye care, dental care, etc.
  • Diabetes Community Screening
  • Prediabetes education opportunities
  • Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Sessions
  • Education and collaboration with and for other health care professionals
  • Support groups including bariatric

Our Diabetes Care Team:

  • Carolyn Hamlyn RN
    Diabetes Nurse Educator
  • Cindy Van Belleghem RD BHEc,
    Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator
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