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Cancer Screening

The SCFHT’s Cancer Screening Program’s goal is to maintain and raise the current rates of Kenora patients screening for cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer.

Below are the guidelines for regular screening for cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer:


  • A Pap test is a screening test that checks for signs of disease, often before you have noticed anything that might be a problem. If you are sexually active and have a cervix, the Canadian Cancer Society recommends you start having regular Pap tests at age 25. You will need a Pap test every 1 to 3 years, depending on your previous test results.
  • Appointments with female providers are available.

Call your doctor’s office to book your Pap test, or you can book an appointment online.

If you do not have access to a family doctor, the Northwestern Health Unit offers Pap tests (NWHU Sexual Health Clinic: (807) 468-4503)


  • Female patients between the ages 50-74 receive a mammogram every 2 years.
  • Please register with the Ontario Breast Screening Program, or call 1-800-668-9304. They will set you up with regular screening and letter reminders through the Lake of the Woods District Hospital.


Ontario has transitioned from the fecal occult blood test (FOBT) to FIT for colon cancer screening.

Regular cancer screening (getting checked) is important because it can find colon cancer early when it may be smaller and easier to treat. Colon cancer screening with FIT may also prevent some colon cancers by finding polyps that could turn into cancer. FIT is a simple, safe and painless at-home cancer screening test that checks your stool (poop) for tiny amounts of blood, which could be caused by colon cancer and/or pre-cancerous polyps (growths in the colon or rectum that can turn into cancer over time).

ColonCancerCheck no longer recommends that people at average risk of colon cancer screen with FOBT. Although there is high-quality scientific evidence to support screening with FOBT, FIT offers several advantages over FOBT:

  • FIT is a more sensitive screening test, which means it is better at detecting colon cancer and some pre-cancerous polyps than FOBT;
  • FIT is more user-friendly because the collection device is easy to use and reduces the amount of contact people have with their stool when collecting it;
  • Only one stool sample is needed with FIT; and
  • When completing FIT, there are no medication or dietary restrictions (including vitamin C).

People in Ontario can talk to their family doctor or nurse practitioner about getting checked for colon cancer with FIT.

If someone does not have a family doctor or nurse practitioner, they can call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-828-9213, or the Screen for Life Coach at 1-800-461-7031 or (808) 684-7777.

If someone lives in an Indigenous community, they can contact their health centre or nursing station or the Screen for Life Coach at 1-800-461-7031 or (808) 684-7777.

LifeLabs will mail eligible people a FIT kit following a request from their family doctor or nurse practitioner. Screening participants should drop off their screening kit at a LifeLabs Patient Service Centre as soon as possible.

Cancer screening participants will continue to receive result letters from Cancer Care Ontario.

Our Integrated Cancer Screening Committee Members:

  • Kim Loranger, RPN, Clinical Coordinator
  • Laura Noack, MD
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