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Sunset Country Family Health Team
Sunset Country Family Health Team

SCFHT Healthy Workplace Bingo

The Sunset Country Family Health Team (SCFHT) wants to thank all of the Kenora workplaces that participated in our Healthy Workplace Bingo we held in September. It was an extremely close race with the top three businesses being within 0.13% completion of each other, but with the additional points given for submitted photos and materials, Kenora Dental Professionals are our victors of 2018! Congratulations to them!

As our motto is ‘Inspiring a healthier Kenora’, our bingo challenge was created to challenge you to focus on your physical and mental health, and also work on and strengthen your relationships with yourselves, nature, your friends and family, your coworkers, and your community. We had given participating workplaces bingo sheets for each staff with each square offering a challenge; the workplace with the highest completion average winning. We asked you to do a variety of items ranging from attending a potluck, hiking down Tunnel Island, watching a Ted Talks on mental health, going to the museum, and having a screen free day.

Jenna Nowak who was the Team Representative of Kenora Dental Professionals said “It was a great way for us to work together on an end goal, even if it was individual sheets we still felt very team oriented”. Another team member from the group said “It reinforced what we, as health care providers, try to convey with good habits. We are always focused on oral health and are encouraging others to maintain their own oral health and overall health – this challenge was a reminder to me to look after not only physical health but also mental health!”. Other ways the Kenora Dental Professionals went above and beyond were documenting with photos, starting a book club for the ‘Read a Novel’ square, and submitting a ‘Grateful Book’.

Included on our Bingo was ‘Workplace Choice’ which asked that each business think of a challenge to do as a group; the outcomes of this challenge really impressed us! Ne-Chee Friendship Centre decided to do a clothing drive and collected bins and bins of clothing for those in need. Our winners, the Kenora Dental Professionals, hosted a diabetes fundraiser. Others included a Tour de France step challenge, collecting clothing for a local drive, having a complaint-free day, and team building out in nature.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the Keewatin Patricia District School Board’s members Amanda Gamerschlag. We were lucky to meet Gamerschlag at one of our Family Health Team Walking Groups and she eagerly told us about how it was the last square on her bingo sheet left to cross off. Amanda completed and sent in her sheet achieving 25/25 before September’s end and was the only person who accomplished this. Second came the SCFHT’s very own Andrea Clemmens who achieved 24/25! Way to go!

We at the SCFHT are especially focused on engaging the community and hope to be able to interact with all of you more and hope that we’re inspiring you to live a healthier, happier life! Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as well as our website for our news and events.



The Sunset Country Family Health Team

Kenora Dental Professionals – Go to the Farmers Market

Kenora Dental Professionals – For 5 straight days, make a list of what you’re grateful for

Kenora Dental Professionals – Read a Novel

Kenora Dental Professionals – Set a Goal

Kenora Dental Professionals – Attend a potluck

Ne-Chee Friendship Centre – Do something fun with friends and family

Ne-Chee Friendship Centre – Attend a potluck

Ne-Chee Friendship Centre – Eat lunch with someone you don’t work with

Ne-Chee Friendship Centre – For workplace choice, they hosted a clothing drive for those in need

Ne-Chee Friendship Centre – For workplace choice, they hosted a clothing drive for those in need

KPDSB – Museum

KPDSB – Lake Run

KPDSB – Attend a Family Health Team Walking Group


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