• History

In 2005 family practice physicians in Kenora practiced independently with 5 separate practices in 3 locations. The largest location, the Kenora Medical Centre housed 3 physician practices in separate offices, each with their own staff, reception, and business model. Overheads were high. This proved to be most inefficient and was not attractive for the recruitment and retention of new physicians.

A community-based not-for-profit Board, the Kenora Health Centre Corporation (KHCC) was formed and they proceeded to purchase the Kenora Medical Centre from the physician owners. All of the FP physicians got together and formed the Sunset Country Family Health Network (SCFHN) in 2006.

Renovations to the Kenora Medical Centre began, with the objective to combine the 3 separate practices into one, along with a common electronic medical record.

The Sunset Country Family Health Team was approved in May 2007 and began operations in June 2007. Due to inadequate space to accommodate the SCFHT, the KHCC proceeded with a 12,000 square foot, 2 story expansion.

The SCFHT moved into the upper floor of the newly constructed Paterson Medical Centre in late February 2010. This new medical complex would not have been possible without the support of the City of Kenora and the generous donations of Andrew Paterson and the Paterson Foundation.