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Local Health Care Providers Invite All Kenora Residents to Get Screened for Colon Cancer

By Sara Chow

March 20, 2017

“This message is for all Kenora residents: Come out and get your colorectal cancer screening test,” invites Carol Wilson, Nurse Practitioner with the Sunset Country Family Health Team.

“Cancer screening saves lives. That’s why we are calling for all eligible adults to get screened for colorectal cancer by hosting a walk-in event at our clinic.”

This is the first year that the Sunset Country Family Health Team is hosting their ‘Colorectal Spring Screening’ event to help raise awareness about colorectal cancer for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. “We are really hoping to get as many people from the Kenora area between the ages of 50 to 74 to come and learn more about ways to help prevent colorectal cancer, the signs and symptoms to watch out for, and the different screening methods available,” explains Wilson.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths of Ontario, and has no signs or symptoms in its early stages. However, 9 out of every 10 people can be cured of colorectal cancer when it’s detected early through regular cancer screening.

“The fecal occult blood test (FOBT) kit is for men and women ages 50 to 74, with no symptoms of colorectal cancer and who have no family history of colorectal cancer. This test is simple and can be done in the privacy of your own home every 2 years,” says Wilson. “People who have a first-degree family history of colorectal cancer get screened with a colonoscopy. For these individuals, screening should begin at age 50, or 10 years earlier than the age their relative was diagnosed, whichever occurs first.”

In Northwestern Ontario, nearly half of all eligible adults are overdue for their colorectal cancer screening. When asked why this rate is so high, Wilson replied, “We think most people are not wild about what the FOBT and colonoscopy involve, and this can act as a barrier to screening. But please don’t let this stop you! The most important part of screening is early detection. What if you did your FOBT kit and it came back positive? A colonoscopy is performed and a cancerous growth is detected at an early stage before it has a chance to spread. Such a simple test could save your life.”

On Tuesday, March 21st, between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, anyone who needs to get screened for colorectal cancer, especially those who have never been screened, can walk-in at the Sunset Country Family Health Team’s clinic to get information about screening, a FOBT kit, and also a chance to win a prize! The Family Health Team is located in the Paterson Medical Centre at 1-35 Wolsley Street, on the second floor in the boardroom. Qualified practitioners available to help you and refreshments will be available.